On August 11-12, 2017, hundreds of neo-Nazis, fascists and white supremacists descended upon Charlottesville, Virginia and the UVA campus. What was publicly called Unite the Right, was privately called “the Battle of Charlottesville.” White supremacist leaders and organizers sought to provoke a confrontation. The violence that ensued, which killed Heather Heyer and grievously injured many others, was no accident. 

NO ACCIDENT chronicles a first-of-its kind, seminal civil rights trial against hate, exposing a broad network of white supremacist and neo-Nazi conspirators and detailing the challenges of holding those leaders and organizations accountable for their actions. From collection of evidence, depositions, jury selection to trial, the film is a behind-the-scenes look at the highs and lows of pursuing this pathbreaking case.

NO ACCIDENT is a testament to the courage of everyday citizens to stand up to hate, and the dogged efforts of attorneys to work within the system in the hope that violence based on racism and religious hatred does not go unpunished.